Thursday, September 2, 2010

Uncharted 2 Multiplayer tips.

To get loads of kills and minimum deaths, follow these tips for Uncharted 2's multiplayer.
1. Keep moving. never camp. If you're in a spot and get a couple of kills, chances are someone will know you are camping there. They will probably kill you. pick a spot, get a kill or 2, and MOVE.
2. Watch your flank. If you do choose to camp, you gotta watch your back. many above ground camping spots allow you to see any flanks. The good part of 3rd-person view is that your character can be looking straight but you can see behind. You see someone trying to sneak up on you, "beat" them to the "punch".
3. Use your camera! the number one weapon in 3rd person view is your camera. If youre next to a corner and someone starts chasing you. Turn the corner and wait. put the camera at an angle so you can see him but he cant see you. When he gets in range, knock his lights out.
4. Trick 'em AND treat 'em. IF you see someone trying to flank you at an above ground spot, pretend like you're jumping off but just hang there. When he gets close, pull him down.
5. Dont aim. When you use a grenade in the middle of a gun fight, dont stop and aim the grenade to be accurate. Just aim the camera while youre in cover at the enemy and blindfire your 'nade. Same goes for shotgun. The shotgun doesnt need aiming. Run up to someone (or let them run to you) and when you're close enough, just press R1 once, sometimes twice, and you get a sure kill. Follow these tips and you'll be pro in no time.
6. Press the cover button sooner to magically slide to nearby safty. When presented with two enemies, coral them together and grenade them; even if that dosent kill them you will make quick work of them.
7. Do not stand still when in a gunfight with an opponent. Instead move either to the left or right while aiming and shooting at them. This can throw off your enemy and make it harder for them to shoot you. If nothing else it makes your opponent work harder to kill you.