Sunday, September 5, 2010

Blur tips

If you're planning on picking up Activision's Blur-- out next week for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC -- take heed to these 10 tips to tackling the racing game. We got the goods directly from Gareth Wilson and Ged Talbot, lead designers forBlur at Bizarre Creations.

1. Defense is the best offense: Try to keep a power-up in reserve to block any incoming attacks.

2. Horses for courses: Pick the right car for the right track. Off-road cars rule on desert, sand and non-asphalt races.

3. Minesweeper: Mines can be destroyed by being hit by other power-ups.

4. Stay prepared!: You can see which power-up an opponent has selected by checking the icon above their car.

5. Experiment: You can equip three Mods at once; experiment with different combinations to suit the vehicle, track or game-mode you are in!

6. Backward Fire: Certain power-ups can be fired backward by moving down and firing.

7. Rearview: Keep an eye on your rear-view mirror to spot incoming power-ups and other drivers.

8. Forward Mine: Fire a mine forward by moving up and firing.

9. Close Combat: Barge is a close-range attack that blasts cars away. A well timed Barge can defend against incoming attacks.

10. Target first place: Shock launches EMP fields at the front of the pack, stunning any vehicle passing through them.


  1. Already knew all that :P

    Its an ok game

  2. Look forward to seeing more from you. Just dropping by to show my respect and support for a fellow blogger ;)