Saturday, September 11, 2010

Resident Evil 5 Tips and Tricks

Mix Herbs
Herbs are more effective when mixed than when simply used on their own. Mixing two Green Herbs will give you more health than two seperate green herbs would, and mixing a Red Herb and a Green Herb will give you all of your health back. Plus, it conserves room when you turn two items into one!

Use the environment

The settings of Resident Evil 5 are full of environmental hazards you can use to your advantage. Flammable barrels can be used to block enemies from taking a certain path, or even used to damage groups of enemies in the explosion!

Check all crates

Crates, barrels, and even piles of fruit may have hidden surprises. Take out your knife and give them a hit, as you'll sometimes find gold, ammo, or herbs inside.

Use melee attacks

Melee attacks are effective, especially against enemies like the Axe Majini. Do enough damage with your firearm to stun them, then quickly run up to them and hit the action button when prompted!

Share with your partner

There is no point in hording shotgun ammo if your partner is the only one with a shotgun! Sharing ammo and weapons not only allows you to adapt your arsenal to the situation, but ensure maximum effectiveness. Using herbs or sprays in close proximity of a partner can often assist them too!

Watch out for your partner

If your partner is under attack by an enemy and requires your help, help them! It saves them valuable time and ammo, and assistance melee attacks do a large amount of damage while conserving ammo. It is win/win!

Disarm your enemy

Shooting at the arm of your enemy will often cause them to drop any weapon they're holding. If they're holding something like a glass bottle, you can even shoot the bottle to destroy it. And if you see someone holding something explosive like dynamite or a Molotov, give it a shot and see what happens.

Use the D-pad

The D-pad directions on your controller can be used to quickly switch items. If you need to switch weapons in a hurry, this is the best method to use.

Look for the Chicken in Mercs Mode

There is a chicken in every Mercenaries level, so be sure you kill it. Why? Well, it drops a golden egg that completely refills your health. Oh, and it is worth 2,000 points. Not too shabby!

Use Melee Moves in Mercs

Melee moves in the Mercenaries mode not only conserves ammo, but it gives you an extra time bonus if done correctly.

Unlock new Mercenaries characters

Get an A-Rank on all of the Mercenaries levels to unlock a new character/costume. Each level unlocks something new.

Unlock New Guns

It is possible to unlock new guns by upgrading existing guns. They can be unlocked as follows:
  • Gatling Gun - Full upgrade the VZ61. The Gatling Gun will then be available from the shop. Only Chris can use it.
  • Hydra - Fully upgrade the Ithaca M37. The Hydra will then be available from the shop.
  • Longbow - Full upgrade the S75. The Longbow will then be available from the shop. Usuable by Sheva only.
  • M93R - Fully upgrade the M92F. The M93R will then be available from the shop.
  • S&W M500 - Fully upgrade the S&W M29 Magnum. The S&W M500 will then be available from the shop.

Get the Infinite Rocket Launcher

Beat the game in under 5 hours on any difficulty.Then enable infinite ammo for the Rocket Launcher in the Bonus Features section.

Game Completion Bonuses

You get various bonuses for beating the game. Listed below are the unlockables:
  • Alternate Costume - Beat the game once to unlock Chris and Sheva's BSAA outfits.
  • Classic Horror Filter - Beat the game on Amateur difficulty.
  • Noise Filter - Beat the game on Veteran Difficulty.
  • Retro Filter - Beat the game on Normal difficulty.
  • New Game+ - Beat the game once.
  • Library - Unlocks after beating specific chapters. Beating the entire game will unlock the whole library.
  • Infinite Ammo - Beat the game once and purchase the upgrade in the Bonus Features menu.
  • The Mercenaries - Beat the game once.
Play As Sheva

Beat the game on any difficulty to play as Sheva.

Professional Difficulty

Beat the game on Veteran to unlock the uber-difficult Professional difficulty. This difficulty is very uhh whats that word... Difficult! If you can try and play with a friend and make sure you have alot of ammo and some good weapons.


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