Monday, August 30, 2010

Gears of War

Having problems with Gears of War? Here are some basic strategic tips that you can try.

Use Cover
  • This may seem pretty obvious, but using cover will make you a smaller target and will also make you more hidden. Seeing any enemy before he sees you is a huge advantage for you, and cover can get you this advantage.
  • Using the cover button can also help you move faster around the map. One helpful hint when moving is to move from one covered spot to another covered spot. This will keep you moving quickly around the map and will also make you a hard target to hit.

Falling Back
  • If you get yourself into a bad situation, don't be afraid to fall back. Gears of War is all about who advantages and disadvantages and you can help regain the advantage by falling back to a safer spot on the map.

  • Flanking your opponent will force them to seek cover from multiple angles and to worry about mulitple targets. A good flank will often end with you getting a frag or your teammates getting one. Make sure to be careful when flanking, as the enemies may be hiding and waiting on you to do so.

Active Reloading
  • Hit the reload button and watch the upper-right corner of the screen. Notice that meter that slowly trails right? Wait for the meter's needle to match up with the white area near the center of the meter. Press the reload button a second time at this point and you'll execute an active reload and speed up the usual reload time.

Using Stealth
  • Taking the first shot on your enemy is a huge advantage, especially after you get your aim to a good point. You should try to be stealthy, quiet, and a small target whenever possible to get this first shot and also to prevent the enemy from getting an easy shot on you. 


  1. Thanks man I really needed these tips

  2. Im sad GoW 2 and 3 wont be coming to PC anytime soon :(